What are the soft serves made out of? Is it true that it is pig fat

When it comes to the ingredients of our Soft Serve, Audrey, it's pretty simple. Our suppliers take fresh milk and cream, plus some sugar and glucose for sweetness and then add vegetable gums for a thick, smooth texture. They then add emulsifiers to help the mix stay together (otherwise the cream would separate). Lastly, a little vanilla flavour is added. And there you have it - no secret, just smooth, creamy deliciousness. If you would like to see how we make them, check out this video we made especially for you Audrey - that'll give you all the info you need about our Soft Serve. 

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Always wanted to ask us about our food and get the honest truth? Now's your chance! Ask your questions about our food, we’ll answer them. It’s that simple.

Ask your questions about our food and we'll answer them. It's that simple.


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