I really like this initiative. Good work, Maccas team. Can you please explain what forequarter and hindquarter trimmings and whole muscle cuts are when you say "we only use forequarter and hindquarter trimmings along with some whole muscle cuts to make our beef patties." Thanks

Thanks for the support, Gabe! We are happy to get into some more detail for you. Beef trimmings are portions of meat remaining after the preparation of the whole muscle cuts. Forequarter refers to the front half of a side of beef and hindquarter refers to the rear half. Whole muscle cuts, or primals as they are referred to in the industry, are defined portions of a side or beef (or carcase). Forequarter primals include the blade, brisket, chuck, and spencer roll, amongst others and the hindquarter includes primals such as the hind shank, silverside, thin flank and topside. The primals that may be included in our beef raw materials are usually from the forequarter, and typically include the chuck and the blade. We hope this has answered your question, Gabe.

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Ask your questions about our food and we'll answer them. It's that simple.


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